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Bus Driver Position

At Discovery World Learning Center, it is our mission to provide the best daycare, after-school care, preschool care, and early education programs in the San Antonio area. For more information on our Bus Driver Position, read below. To apply click the button below. 



To provide safe transportation to children between school and the center as well as on field trips. 

Key Responsibilities:

1) Check the bus daily for fuel, and make sure that bus is in good working order. 

2) Fill the gas tank as needed, keeping accurate records of expenditures. 

3) Keep the bus neat and clean. 

Report any problems to the Center Director immediately. 

5) Be sure the first aid supplies, fire extinguisher, and children’s emergency authorizations are present and complete. 

6) Maintain a record of the time each child is picked up and dropped off. 

7) Ensure order and safety of children as they board and leave the bus. 

8) Be sure children are aware of bus rules. 

9) Ensure order and safety of children as they board and leave the bus. 

10) Maintain order and discipline on the bus at all times. 

11) ENsure that each child is fastened to a safety device or seat belt before departure, and insist that they remain restrained while traveling. 

12) Maintain driver’s license. 

13) Know and obey all current traffic laws. 

14) Maintain eligibility for employment by meeting continuing education, CPR, First Aid, and other requirements. 

15) Meet the requirements of the Teacher regarding relating to children and disciplining children. 

16) And any other job-related duties as assigned. 

Limit of Authority: 

1) May take action but mist inform Center Director of any child’s behavior that jeopardizes the safety of the other children or any other person

2) Must have prior approval from the Center Director before refusing to transport a child who is scheduled to be transported

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