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We did a parent survey in October, 2016, to ask how we were doing, and here are some of the comments our parents made about us.

“My child has been there for 3 years and he loves everyone (teachers)”

“My son has a great teacher and very impressed how much has changed from when we first started”

“I like the caring vibe this daycare offers…the experience has been good”

“Love that the teachers always greet the parents and students when they come in.”

“I am so blessed to have my child here. I have recommended you to friends and family.”

“doing great and love that everyone is understanding and helpful and very great communication.”

Overall, parents told us we are doing a “Great Job” on Staff Quality, Safety, Affordability, and Curriculum. Parents also like our meals and open hours!

Google Reviews

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are real reviews of us from Google Business. These parents love us so much, they wanted to tell everyone about how great we are and publicly thank us.

Dominique Devrai★★★★★May 17, 2017

My daughter (2yo) has been going to this center for a few months. I couldn’t be more pleased, and she loves it! I’m very impressed with how much my daughter has learned since she started going here. The staff is amazing and actually care about the children. Unfortunately we are moving at the end of the school year so I’ll have to pull her out and I’m afraid I won’t find a day care that compares to this one.

Ayanna Stevens★★★★★View and edit response Dec 2, 2016

Michael Vega★★★★★on Feb 28, 2017:

“My two daughters (2 & 3) have been coming here for about six months.
The staff is so friendly and professional. My girls love it!

Shannon Martinez★★★★★on Feb 9, 2017:

“As a first time mother, I was absolutely nervous about who would be with my daughter while my husband & I worked. After visiting many day care centers in San Antonio, there was absolutely no question that Discovery World at Prue was the one! The teachers are so friendly, concerned and genuinely care about the children. My daughter has gone to Discovery World since she was 6 weeks old and has thrived.”

Jerry Munoz★★★★★on Jan 30, 2017:

“My daughter has been attending discovery word for a little over 2 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am very happy with the center and the improvements it has made! The director is awesome and I can tell she takes a lot of pride in her center. All of the teachers are always very welcoming and sweet, and my daughter loves them all. I would absolutely recommend discovery world to anyone looking for a new learning center for their child!”

Ayanna Stevens★★★★★on Dec 2, 2016

Nicole Rodriguez★★★★★on Aug 25, 2016:

“I visited a lot of daycares all over San Antonio, before choosing this one. Amy and her entire staff, are amazing ! Very friendly and they know all of the children by name even if that is not the class they care for. My son loves his teachers and warmed up to them quickly when he first started 2 years ago. I feel like they are really attentive and care about the children, which is quite hard to find ! I do a lot of random pop ins which they dont seem to mind and have never seen any child being mistreated or yelled at, which I saw at happening at other daycares. We recently moved further out but I dont mind the 30 minute drive since my son is happy here. The only issue I have is the bathrooms are often dirty which I can imagine would happen with so many young children. Maybe that would fall more on the parents ??? needing to go over bathroom procedures with their children so they wouldnt make such a mess, so I cant fully blame Discovery. Great place if you are looking for childcare though!”

Mari Ch★★★★★on Jul 28, 2016:

“I’m a single mother and grateful to have this facility available to watch over my daughter while I’m at work. Thank you very much”

DesireeandSteve Lopez★★★★★on Jun 24, 2016:

This daycare is a really good place. I’ve sent my daughter there and now my son attends there. The staff is really nice and friendly. I have never had an issue with anyone here. You know the staff is treating your child good when they don’t cry when you drop them off. The new management is on top of things!!!

dustin smith★★★★on Jul 12, 2016

Heather Sabine★★★★★on Nov 9, 2015:

“For almost four years, the teachers at Discovery World Learning Center have taken care of my daughter and in the last year, my son also. The staff take care of these kids like they are their own; everything that they can do for them they will do for them. My daughter is so far ahead of her peers because of the learning that she does here daily and my son is learning sign language now to help him communicate! The director is great to work with if anything comes up that needs attention and gets things done quickly as possible. Great place to have my kids during the day while I work.

juan delarosa★★★★★on Sep 14, 2015:

“My boy started his first day today 9/14/15 he seems to like it. Teachers are on point in what there doing. I give them 5 all around. I would recommend to others for sure.

Lucy Angel★★★★★on Jul 6, 2015:

“I personally do not have any children at this center but my friend does. I have been going the past few years to pick up my friends 4 year old daughter who has been at the center for over 3 years. I can confidently say that every time I walk in to the center, and walk through the classrooms every teacher is engaging in some kind of activity with the children. The teachers are extremely attentive and I love the personalization that the teachers give to the children. The classroom is a show room of the kids arts and crafts. I have had the pleasure of keeping many art projects made by my friends daughter and they are all refrigerator worthy. I highly recommend this center to anyone who is looking for a long term “to stay at center”. You wont be disappointed.”

Darnesha Johnson★★★★★on May 19, 2015

Facebook Reviews

Monica Orozco-Quinones★★★★★Feb 15, 2017:

“The teachers at the daycare have always had my daughters best interest. She loves this place and I know she feels safe and comfortable there. The rates are definitely reasonable along with them providing water and formula as well as quality care for my one year old girl. I am so glad I found Discovery World Learning Center.

Samantha Salinas★★★★★Oct 27, 2016:

If you would like to see more photos about us and our activities, you can visit us at facebook.com/discoveryworldLC.

Yelp Reviews

Jasmine R.★★★★★Apr 11, 2017:

This is the best daycare for my children to be at. If you’re looking for a daycare, this is definitely it! We moved closer to it so my son could be picked up by their after school care. I have two daughters there full time and they absolutely love their teachers Ms. Miranda & Ms. Crystal. It’s a great feeling knowing my children get excited every morning wanting to go to daycare. They are very hesitant to people they don’t know but it’s almost a year later and it’s hard getting them to stop playing. They genuinely care about the kids and I have popped up randomly many times to check on them. Keep doing what you’re doing DWLC! We love you!

Brittany M.★★★★Jan 3, 2017:

“Love this daycare! As a new parent I visited daycares all over the city until I found them.Always feel welcomed by the staff.Staff always tells me good morning and says hi to my son. My sons so excited to play when we get there. When I pick him up he’s always in a great mood and happy. They keep a record of his feeding and diaper changes and notes and send it home with the parents. Good to know how the day went.highly recommend this daycare

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