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Pre-K 4-5 Years

Our child care services include education for Pre-K children in San Antonio, TX

Children 4 – 5 years of age participate in our professional Fireflies® curriculum. In our Pre-K classes, students work on reading, writing, and basic math, while continuing to build social skills and learn in a creative environment.

Arts & crafts are often at the center of academic lessons. Teachers focus on attention to detail and getting kids used to a more rigid schedule. Games and lessons are more complex and often require collaboration between students.

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Fireflies Lessons

Pre-K Daily Schedule

pre-kindergarten classes san antonio

7:00-8:00- Arrival/Free-play

8:00-9:00- Centers/Breakfast

9:00-9:30- Good Morning Circle-time

9:30-10:00- Outside Play

10:00-11:00- Art & S.T.E.M Centers

11:00-12:30- Wash up, Lunch Time, Clean up

12:30-2:30- Naptime/Quiet Activities

2:30-3:30- Snack Time

3:30-4:00- Music and Movement

4:00-4:30- Teacher Directed Activities & Centers

4:30-5:00- Outside Play

5:00-5:30- Story-time/Table Toys/Departure

*Schedule may change due to child’s needs/weather*

*Potty breaks & hand-washing throughout the day as needed*

Fitness through Sports

Our Pre-K students participate in dedicated sports classes. These lessons help kids stay healthy while working on large and small motor skills. Sports build teamwork, problem-solving, and instruction following skills. Daily activities include soccer, baseball, basketball, track, and many other activities.

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