Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids

Building Good Habits from Preschool to After School

We believe in the necessity of nutrition and exercise, and that children should begin at an early age. We provide formative experiences to help your children continue to lead a healthy life as they continue to grow. The following items are provided free of charge to help your children begin their healthy lifestyles.

Home Made
Healthy Meals

We make homemade healthy meals that incorporate whole foods. We believe a child learns better when they eat better. We introduce a variety of foods and flavors and teach children how to make healthy choices and why it is beneficial.


See a sample menu below…

Daily Exercise
Sports & Fitness Classes

We provide fitness classes that use sports to teach children about teamwork and self-discipline. Classes offer a positive outlet for children who are looking for a fun way to be active and find which games inspire them the most.

Starting with young toddlers, all our children spend time playing outdoors every day, weather permitting. All ages get time to be active and work on gross motor skills periodically throughout the day.