Today, most children go to a center that offers daycare services while their parents go back to work. According to Zippia, the national childcare industry is worth about $60.4 billion. Daycare providers take their jobs seriously, implementing various activities to ensure healthy development, like musical activities. There are several ways musical fun can benefit young children.

Enhance Motor Skills

Small children use fine and gross motor skills to play various instruments. Playing a guitar, flute, or other small instrument helps children master fine motor skills to learn how to write when they are older. Gross motor skills are utilized when playing larger instruments, such as drums.

Cognitive Development

Music helps activate various brain areas children must use, such as the parts used during critical thinking and reasoning. When children learn songs and how to play them, they also discover how to recognize patterns. It fosters problem-solving to help lay the foundation for future math and literacy skills.

Emotional Regulation

Music powerfully impacts a person’s mood, including young children. Certain songs and rhythms can quickly help calm children and encourage emotional regulation. Songs and instruments can be used as tools to help children learn to express themselves, further helping encourage positive behaviors in young children.

Foster Teamwork

Children often learn to socialize and work as a team at daycare centers. One way they learn this is by playing together with musical instruments. Children work together to learn songs and play them as a team. This creates the ideal foundation for children to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities when they are older.

More Socialization

Daycare services continue encouraging more group activities among young children to promote socialization. Socialized children learn how to communicate with one another properly and how to play nicely. They learn how to resolve conflicts as they arise, and those skills will continue to thrive when they go from a daycare center to a formal school.

As a local daycare center, we understand the importance of providing activities that help encourage healthy development, including musical activities. We are licensed by the State of Texas and offer free meals through the USDA. Contact us today to learn more about our daycare services. We look forward to meeting you and your child soon.