Preschool or pre k is an essential part of a child’s education journey. Pre k can help to prepare your child for kindergarten and elementary school. Today, most children attend some sort of pre-kindergarten class. According to Rice University, about 250,000 children attended preschool in Texas in 2019. Here is how preschool will prepare your child for kindergarten.

1. Social Skills

For many children, up until they start preschool, their world has revolved around their family members. Preschool can help your child develop the social skills they need to go out into the world and be around other children and other adults, making socialization a big part of preschool.

By the time your child is done with pre k, they will be prepared to sit and learn in a classroom setting. They will be able to interact with other children, have conflict-resolution skills, and understand public etiquette in a school setting. Preschool helps them form relationships with people outside of their family.

2. Basic Skills

Kindergarten is fast-paced today. Children are expected to recognize sight words when they start kindergarten. They also need to be able to count and recognize numbers on day one. Preschool gives children the head start that they need academically to be successful in elementary school. Expectations are high in kindergarten and the following grades. Children need to have a good foundation for literacy and math. Luckily, preschool teaches all the basics.

3. Set Routine

There are a lot of changes ahead for your little one when they start kindergarten and elementary school. They will need to be up at a certain time, follow rules, eat independently, and more. Pre k helps set the routine children need to follow once they start kindergarten and elementary school. Early learning and routine can prepare them for the classroom.

Going to preschool helps to instill the habit of going to school. It is an important step in childhood development. Preschool teaches independence and prepares your child for their educational future.

Preschool is an essential part of your child’s education. Learn more about how preschool can prepare your child for a lifetime of learning. Call us today at Discovery World Learning Center to tour a trusted pre k program that will nurture your child and prepare them for their future.