Every working parent knows that there is a gap between the time kids get out of school and when parents get home from work. After school daycares have been filling that gap for many working parents for decades, providing an important service for the growth and safety of children. Here is why these programs have grown in popularity.

Who Will Be Home for The Kids After School?

The gap between the time the kids get out of school and the time parents get home can be up to three hours, according to recent studies. As more and more families move away from extended families, the question of who will be there when the kids get home from school has taken on a new sense of urgency. When grandparents are far away, and there are no aunts or uncles nearby, it can be very stressful to figure out an answer to that question.

For many families, after school daycare is the answer. Children get the care that they need in a safe environment, and parents can work worry-free knowing their children are cared for. These programs provide wonderful education and  socialization opportunities for kids enrolled.

Safety and Compliance

Children’s safety is vulnerable when they are left on their own. Every state has a designated age for when a child can be left home alone, and every state designates how many hours a child of a specific age can do so.

Typically, the age of 12 is the magic age when a child can stay home by themselves for more than an hour or two. These laws are in place to protect families. It would greatly benefit parents or legal guardians to research daycare programs for their child.

A Lot of Parents Rely on After-School Care

In today’s economy, a two-income household is necessary. According to Zippia, about 6.38 million parents rely on some form of childcare. After school daycares allow parents to work and support their families while their child is in a safe environment.

Peace of mind is essential to a happy family. If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, and nurturing environment for your child to enjoy after class, contact Discovery World today! We’re more than happy to provide info about our program and answer any questions you have.