Daycare Careers in San Antonio

Teacher or Caregiver Position

At Discovery World Learning Center, it is our mission to provide the best daycare, after-school care, preschool care, and early education programs in the San Antonio area. For more information on our Teacher & Caregiver Positions, read below. To apply click the button below.

Teacher & Caregiver


To provide a warm, nurturing, safe, and loving environment where self-concepts are enhanced, independence encouraged and individuality respected.  

Key Responsibilities:

1) To offer program that meets the emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs of both the individual and the group. 

2) To interact with the children and to encourage their involvement in activities. 

3) To prepare a warm and safe environment that is orderly, clean and appealing and permits the child to grow and to explore. 

4) To plan with associate teachers, if any, weekly lesson plans based on a curriculum outline. 

5) To establish and maintain good communication with parents on a daily informal basis. 

6) To observe, record and report significant individual and group behavior. 

7) To use appropriate and positive discipline that is consistent. 

8) To maintain all required records. 

9) To maintain eligibility for employment by meeting continuing education, CPR, First Aid, CDA, and other requirements. 

10) To attend staff meetings. 

11) To request needed supplies from the Center Director and prepare materials needed in the program. 

12) And any other job-related duties as assigned

Reporting Relationships:

Reports to the Center Director in regard to children, parents, the program, co-workers, and all other aspects of the job. 

Limit of Authority: 

1) May take action without the Center Director: change a scheduled daily activity; change room arrangement; discipline child; discuss child’s activity with a parent. 

2) May take action but must inform Center Director: talk to parents about the sick child; change curriculum for the program; leave the building with children. 

3) Must have prior approval from Center Director to: transfer the child to another class; order new equipment; release the child from unauthorized persons; take time off; or refer the parent to outside resources. 


1) Ability to relate joyfully and sensitively to children.

2) Evidence of emotional maturity and stability. 

3) Evidence of sufficient security and judgment to handle crisis situations and to use supervision constructively. 

4) Physical stamina. 

5) Ability to recognize and record significant individual and group behavior. 

6) Ability to work cooperatively with other staff.