Daycare Careers in San Antonio

Cook Position

At Discovery World Learning Center, it is our mission to provide the best daycare, after-school care, preschool care, and early education programs in the San Antonio area. For more information on our Cook Position, read below. To apply click the button below. 



To plan and prepare nutritionally balanced meals for children of various ages

Key Responsibilities:

1) Prepare menus for breakfast, lunch, and snacks on a three-week rotating basis. Present menus to the Center Director for approval 

2) Order or purchase necessary food items while remaining within budget

3) Prepare breakfast, lunch, and snacks in keeping with the posted menus 

4) Prepare food carts to be taken to each classroom 

5) Store food items in keeping with Health Department recommendations 

6) Maintain a pantry inventory 

7) Keep kitchen, appliances, and pantry spotlessly clean as mandated by the Health Department 

8) Maintain records required by the CACFP

9) And any other job-related duties as assigned 

Reporting Relationships:

Reports to the Center Director 

Limit of Authority: 

1) May take action without the Center Director

a. When preparing meals as posted on the menu

b. When maintaining the kitchen area spotlessly clean and sanitized; when preparing food carts; when storing food items

2) May take action but must inform the Center Director when ordering or purchasing food items and/or kitchen supplies 

3) Must have prior approval from the Center Director: When deviating from the daily planned menus 


1) Experience in cooking for large groups 

2) Knowledge of nutrition; inventory control; Health Department requirements

3) Ability to organize the workflow of a kitchen

4) Ability to handle detailed work

5) Must relate joyfully and sensitively to children and adults

6) Evidence of emotional maturity and stability, including good judgment to handle crisis situations 

7) Physical stamina