Battle for Texas – The Experience

The battle for Texas – The experience is located in a sprawling 22000 sq ft space in the Rivercenter Mall in San Antonio River Walk. It showcases the finest Alamo aircrafts of the world that was used in the massive 13-days battle fought. It is going to be one of the biggest and permanent tourist attractions. This is where their visitors would have the chance to experience the Battle of Alamo, it’s realistic. The scene of antique aircrafts that are more than 250 in number would take you to the historic times and know about the Texas Revolution and the perspective of the Mexican Army and Mission’s defenders.

 It’s an initiative to help visitors connect emotionally and physically with the protesters of the 1836 battle. Inside they would get the entire feeling of the battle and experience the scene through sounds, sights and smells inside the walls. The battle for Texas is rapidly becoming the most sought-after destination for students, families, and historians. This place speaks volumes about the culture and the importance of Alamo for the shaping of Texas and its development. Inside you can explore a lot of real objects of the heroes preserved like the uniform, belongings, and bed of Santa Ana, the long knife of Davy Crockett and so many other kinds of stuff. It’s a spot designed for the public, it takes you back to old history, a place that you must visit.

 Another attraction of this spot is every visitor can design a flag, walk inside the tent of Santa Anna, these are sensory experiences that boost the emotional attachment of this place. This is not all; in the end, the guest would be shown an inspirational short film for three minutes in huge monitors. Your visit to Battle for Texas would take around 60 – 75 minutes to explore and relive the big battle of Texas Revolution. You can buy entry tickets Monday to Friday 10 am to 9 pm, Sundays you can collect from noon up to 6 pm.

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